Emergency Funding



Getting kids more interested and involved in the natural world is truly a good thing! Then add the concept to garden with native plants and you have a winning combination. But let’s back up and start at the beginning.
Last fall we got invited to do a presentation at teacher orientation for our local schools. We had about 20 teachers attend and almost half left requesting we come  teach their classes about wildlife and habitat.  Little did we know this would turn into not only teaching kids about red wolves, bats and hellbenders, but how to garden with native plants since plants are at the center of all the food chain webs.

A new red wolf habitat at the Endangered Wolf Center

emergency funding

The Weiler Woods Wolf Habitat at the Endangered Wolf Center

In order to rewild red wolves, more wolves need to be bred in human care. So when the Endangered Wolf Center asks us to partner with them to build a new habitat for a breeding pair of red wolves, we say yes! Fingers crossed for lots of puppies.

And sometimes, endangered plants need saving!

emergency funding

A rare bog saved by Conserving Carolina with help from Weiler Woods for Wildlife with endangered sweet mountain pitcher plants.

While red wolves are our priority, there is plenty of work to be done for other species, including endangered plants.  Our outreach also includes emergency funding for land purchases where endangered animals or plants need protection.

We work closely with Conserving Carolina, our local land protection organization, to save special parcels of land. A bog with one of only 6 known colonies of endangered mountain pitcher plants is just one of the several projects on which we have worked recently.

Help us raise $100,000 for emergency funds

In order to continue to help our partners when a catastrophe strikes, we have established an emergency fund. Our goal is to grow the fund to $100,000 thru donations of cash, stocks and legacy gifts. All fund requests will be evaluated and approved by our Board.

If you would like to contribute to the fund, please make a donation or contact us for more information at [email protected]. Since the inception of Weiler Woods for Wildlife (before & after forming our nonprofit), we have granted over $150,000 in emergency funds.