saying thank you to Governor cooperHere we are with Governor Cooper & his wife, Kristin

I don’t say thank you enough. First, it requires interacting with people which as an introvert, I sometimes find hard to do. But I am finding saying it is actually way easier than I thought. Go figure, one of those life lessons which I should have learned by now. But it is never too late!

Today I said thank you to the grocery store clerk for an excellent job in bagging my groceries. My banker appreciated a thank you for waiving a late fee (yes, I get those occasionally). I told Dale how much I appreciated him cleaning a really nasty pan where beet juice had leaked all over it. And I thanked Gibbs, our Havanese, for running with me on our walk in the cold.

Giggs asking to get in the house                                           Gibbs, our sweet dog, asking to come in the house

And last weekend, Dale & I got to personally thank Governor Roy Cooper for his support of red wolf recovery. For those who don’t know us, we are fanatical about helping save our critically endangered American red wolf. You can read more about red wolves and how we fell in love with them here. It was so cool to meet the Governor and his wife, Kristin, and express our gratitude for their red wolf support.

red wolf
Flint, a red wolf at the NC Zoo. Photo: Alexis Rowe

So I am going to try & get into a new habit. Saying thank you at least 10 times a day. It is absolutely free and it is a win/win since I feel good about saying it and the recipient feels good about hearing it. Plus it forces me to talk to people which is not always at the top of my list. And if I don’t feel like talking, I can always write a thank you note or send an email. Saying thank you might just help this crazy world get a little nicer and it sure uplifts my spirits!