Attending a workshop on the wonder of bats and how to make a bat house started our relationship with Defenders of Wildlife. Since bats are one of our favorite mammals, we were excited to learn Defenders works to protect species native to the United States. And if you want to learn why bats are so cool read our Cool Facts Page.

Defenders of Wildlife

One of our core beliefs? We cannot protect an animal without also protecting the habitat on which it relies. Defenders of Wildlife shares our  philosophy protecting both animals and habitat at the same time.

In addition to holding educational workshops, they have webinars so you can learn how to help a specific species. When conservation laws are weakened, they educate politicians on the need to uphold the existing laws to protect endangered species. And as a last resort, they will litigate especially when it comes to protecting the Endangered Species Act and Migratory Bird Treaty Act.



Our main work with Defenders of Wildlife has been partnering to save the critically endangered American red wolf. Working closely with their Southeastern office, we have donated 10 red wolf limited edition castings to zoos and red wolf conservation organizations throughout the country, bringing much-needed attention to this magnificent canid.

To learn more about the castings and how they are helping red wolves, read our blog Our Growing Wolf Pack. We were also proud to sponsor a series of workshops with them on pollinators, salamanders and one of our favorites, the Carolina Northern flying squirrel, in 2019.


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