Wildlands Network

We became interested in Wildlands Network when we researched wildlife corridors for a blog.  Their name kept appearing as the experts in connecting landscapes for wildlife movement. So we contacted them and the rest is history. We are an avid supporter and currently work with them on red wolf conservation.

One exciting project is their Wildway maps which map their vision for reconnecting and restoring wildlife habitat across different geographic regions. Their Eastern Wildway map covers 50% of the east coast and is the first large scale conservation plan offering a solution for protecting native plants and animals by connecting wild spaces with corridors, through which the animal and plant species can traverse to survive.

An exciting project they initiated back in 2008 is the Connectivity Policy Coalition which includes a number of national and regional conservation groups, all working on policies to improve habitat connectivity. We love seeing organizations working together to help conservation causes.


  • Take a look at their website to learn more. 
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  • Check out each of their Wildway articles and maps to learn more about the importance of connecting large swaths of habitat.
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