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The North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF) hits home for us since they conserve and protect wildlife and habitat in our home state. And they have a number of programs we support. Some of our favorites include protecting America’s red wolf and a pollinator initiative called the Butterfly Highway.

Whether it is migratory birds, scholarships or just getting folks outdoors, NCWF has it all. Plus their staff are some of the best!

We also love their webinars where we have learned about frogs, beavers, invasive pests and the importance of oak trees. Check out their YouTube channel for some very cool videos.

Joe Madison (USFWS), Loti & Dale at the acclimation pen Weiler Woods for Wildlife funded in conjunction with NCWF


When NCWF calls and asks for help, we know it is important and we want to respond. USFWS has announced they will be releasing 10 red wolves from human care into the wild. Red wolves will soon be on their way to Alligator River Wildlife Refuge and the acclimation pen they are going to occupy has been damaged by bears. They need a new habitat quickly.

We offer financing immediately for a new pen. The pen is built and the wolves will be able to acclimate before being released into the wild. A great partnership between Weiler Woods for Wildlife, the North Carolina Wildlife Federation and USFWS.

Our partnerships with North Carolina Wildlife Federation include:

  • Funding a red wolf acclimation pen at Alligator River Wildlife Refuge in partnership with USFWS
  • Supporting their venus flytrap restoration project at Carolina Beach
  • Our landscape is filled with native plants plus water & shelter for wildlife earning a Certified Wildlife Habitat from NCWF


  • Learn more about North Carolina Wildlife Federation on their website.
  • Become a member of NCWF.
  • Visit the Red Wolf Education Center next time you are out in red wolf country (Eastern NC) which NCWF operates in conjunction with USFWS
  • Make your garden a Certified Wildlife Habitat through their certification program

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