Arkansas State University

It’s red wolves and more red wolves at Arkansas State University (Or AState for short)!  We were stunned at how AState has full-heartedly embraced red wolf conservation the first time we visited. Of course, having the red wolf as the school mascot doesn’t hurt! And to learn more about why we love red wolves read our Cool Fact sheet on red wolves.

Arkansas State University

Dale, Loti, Chris Lasher Regina Mossotti & Jeff Hankins around the HOWL sculpture at Arkansas State University

The university has developed an entire education program around the critically endangered American red wolf. The school has a student-led Red Wolves for Red Wolves organization that promtes awareness of red wolves.  They also have a required course for all freshmen, on these magnificent animals, the struggles they face and how to protect the species. In addition, the Arkansas Center for Biodiversity Collections on campus serves as the official repository for all tissue, blood & DNA samples from red wolves in the wild and in captivity.

Our partnership began in 2019 when we loaned Dale’s original red wolf sculpture, “Just Settling In” to Astate. it is displayed in the Bradbury Art Museum on campus to help bring awareness to the red wolf.

This collaboration continues in 2020 with our very first scholarship established called the Weiler Woods Red Wolf Conservation Scholarship. Our goal is to provide financila assistance to students specializing in wildlife and conservation studies. We are really excited about seeing where this leads us.


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