Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire kids to become champions for wildlife using art. We believe the more you learn, the more you love, the more you protect!

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Art & Education

We are in the classrooms and working with school systems to develop curricula for endangered species to be made available to all online. A free online red wolf photo gallery, a short film, and a traveling photo exhibit are all bringing more awareness to red wolves and other underdog animals.

We use art to connect with nature, invoke curiosity, and fuel change. Dale’s original hellbender sculpture is proudly displayed at the NC Zoo. And, 35 castings of his first red wolf sculpture found homes at zoos  across the country, helping folks learn about this shy animal.

Featured Underdogs

Join us as a champion for wildlife’s underdogs! Our efforts are about getting the word out and inspiring you to help the most endangered and misunderstood animals.

The film ‘For the Love of Red Wolves’ was produced by Champions for Wildlife to inspire you to fall in love with America’s red wolf.

Learn about some of the underdogs we love and work to protect.

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Red Wolves

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Wildlife Blogs

Our wildlife blog celebrates our misunderstood and underappreciated wildlife. Join us as we venture into our own backyards and across the country, to meet these underdogs and learn their amazing stories.




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