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The more you learn, the more you love, the more you protect. Our goal is to inspire kids to fall in love with wildlife through environmental education using science and art activities. By participating in interactive wildlife-focused lessons on animals and their habitat, kids get to use their creative side while learning more about wildlife, especially the underdogs, in their backyard.

What’s so unique about our programs? Students engage in hands-on art activities with each lesson. Programming is offered as a single lesson or a lesson sequence. And all our classes are standards-aligned, created with input from wildlife and art experts.

Currently, these Wild for Art programs are offered in-person to schools and groups in Western North Carolina (Polk and Henderson Counties). We plan on offering lessons online in late 2024 or early 2025.

Please contact us using the button at the bottom of the page for more information.

Wild for Art Programs

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Wild for Birds (K-8)

🌟 Why are birds so important in nature?

🌟 What do they eat and how do they live?

🌟 How can our actions affect these incredible creatures?

Join our hands-on experience where students explore these fascinating questions! Our engaging wildlife curriculum will spark curiosity, and students will get creative by making their own bird-inspired art to take home.

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Wild for Bats (K-8)

🦇 Unmask the mystery of bats!

🦇 Learn why bats are essential to our ecosystems.

🦇 Discover how you can help protect these misunderstood creatures.

In this program, students will delve into the world of bats through captivating lessons and a fun take-home art project. Don’t miss out on this chance to become a bat enthusiast!

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Wild for Pollinators (K-8)

🐝 What’s all the buzz about pollinators?

🐝 Explore the tiny heroes that keep our plants and ecosystems thriving.

🐝 Create your own artwork to show your love for pollinators!

Join our interactive program to uncover the secrets of pollination and find out how we can boost pollinator populations. Get ready for a creative adventure!

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Wild for Hellbenders (K-8)

🦎 What on earth are hellbenders?

🦎 Discover how these unique creatures reveal the health of our rivers.

🦎 Learn why we should care about their conservation efforts.

In this lesson, students will not only sculpt their very own salamander but also dive into an interactive presentation. Explore the world of hellbenders and their vital role in our environment.

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Wild for Red Wolves (K-8)

🐺 Embark on a journey to save the majestic red wolf!

🐺 Understand why this species is endangered.

🐺 Get hands-on with a red wolf sculpture project and show your support.

Join us to learn about conservation efforts, fall in love with the red wolf, and take home your very own red wolf creation. Let’s unite for the protection of these incredible animals!

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Wildlife in Your Backyard (K-8)

🏡 Step into your backyard’s hidden world!

🏡 Discover the essential wildlife sharing your space.

🏡 Observe, create art, and learn to identify local wildlife.

Explore the wonders right outside your door, create art inspired by backyard creatures, and gain a new appreciation for the wildlife around us.

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Animal Adaptations (6-8)

🐾 What are adaptations, and how do animals use them to survive?

🐾 Challenge your creativity through art.

🐾 Experience the benefits and challenges of different animal adaptations in a fun science simulation.

Join us for an interactive lesson that combines art, science, and exploration. Unlock the secrets of how animals adapt to their environments!

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Wild for Monarchs

🦋 Ever wondered about the enchanting journey of monarch butterflies and their vital role in nature?

🦋 What fuels their vibrant wings, and how do they navigate their epic migrations?

🦋 Discover how our actions can impact these magnificent creatures during our hands-on butterfly exploration!

Embark on a thrilling adventure as students unravel the mysteries of the fluttering world of monarch butterflies! Our captivating curriculum invites participants to delve into the awe-inspiring life cycle, migration patterns, and ecological significance of these majestic insects.

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Wild for Turtles

🐢 Have you ever wondered about the secrets hidden within the slow and steady world of turtles?

🐢 What do they feast on, and what makes their habitats unique?

🐢 Uncover the impact of our actions on these extraordinary creatures during our immersive program!

Embark on a captivating journey with our hands-on turtle exploration! Our specially crafted curriculum invites students to delve into the mysteries of these ancient reptiles. Students will create their very own turtle art to take home as a part of their learning.

Ready to embark on a wildlife adventure? Learn more about our programs today and get ready to explore, create, and connect with the natural world around us!

Our Wildlife Education Portal will roll out in late 2024/early 2025. Included will be educational lessons and videos for native US species that can be taught in the classroom, homeschool or used for scouts, clubs or anyone interested in learning more about wildlife. And our secret sauce? An art lesson for kids will accompany each lesson.

Plus, we plan on having a resource hotline you can ask questions or get more details on the art activity or lesson. Sound cool? Then sign up for our waitlist and we will contact you when we are ready to pilot our portal.

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