Endangered wolf center

If you love wolves of any kind, you will love the Endangered Wolf Center located just outside St. Louis, MO. In addition to the red wolf and Mexican wolf which are both endangered, they have foxes, painted dogs and maned wolves. And if you are old (like us) you might remember their founder, Marlin Perkins who hosted the TV show The Wild Kingdom which we watched every week as kids.

A cool fact: they became the first facility to successfully breed both red wolves and Mexican wolves in captivity. In fact, many of the red wolves in the wild can trace their roots to wolves born at The Endangered Wolf Center.

Over the years, they have created spaces designed to raise wolves to be released into the wild. The wolves designated for release into the wild are given a chance to hunt, an opportunity to acclimate to larger land areas and experience little human interference.

You can tour the Center by reservation and maybe even see one of Dale’s red wolf castings which was donated to them in 2019. They have lots of programs for children including earning scout badges, field trips and campfire howls. Adults can sign up to be a keeper for a day, take a photo tour or a private tour. And if you have never heard a wolf howl, you are in for a once in lifetime experience.

Easy Actions You Can Take

  • Check out their website to learn more at Endangered Wolf Center
  • Symbolically “adopt” a wolf or other canid at Adopt
  • Join as a member. We joined as a member of the Perkins Conservation. Join
  • Buy a loved one a present at their online gift shop. Some of their t-shirts with wolves on them are really cool. Buy
  • If you live in the area, volunteer your time

Sign up for Amazon Smile (it’s free). Just designate the Endangered Wolf Center and every time you shop on Amazon, they will receive a percentage of your purchase price.

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