Our Mission and Our Vision

Our mission is simple. Inspire kids to fall in love with wildlife using art and education. We believe the more you learn, the more you love, the more you protect.

Art has the remarkable ability to communicate the awesome beauty of wildlife and ecosystems in ways that words alone cannot capture. Whether it is a gifted student, one who doesn’t speak English, or a child with disabilities, they all benefit from art. Integrating art into our educational approach engages multiple senses, sparks creativity, and is just plain fun!

Our vision is to create a sense of wonder and appreciation for wildlife that can ignite a child’s lifelong passion for conservation. Our kids then become true champions for wildlife and habitat. 

A little history…

Our mission

Three wild red wolf pups at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. Photo: Nancy Arehart

Our first nonprofit work was trying to save the critically endangered American red wolf from extinction. With less than 30 left in the wild and being the most endangered wild animal in the US, Dale & Loti, our founders, wanted to bring more awareness to this amazing species.

So Dale, a wildlife sculptor, created a red wolf mom and pup sculpture from stone and had limited edition castings made. These castings were donated to 40 out of the 50 conservation organizations around the US that work to save red wolves.



about us

About the same time, we also taught a class of 3rd graders about red wolves and saw the immediate reaction the kids had in learning about these animals. “How can we save them?” they all asked. At that moment, we knew we had to teach the next generation to be champions for wildlife! 


We have expanded our lessons to include not only the red wolf but also pollinators, bats, hellbenders and birds. And in 2024, we planted our first pollinator garden with 60 5th graders while making paintings of butterfly wings and designing garden sculptures.

Students are learning about the monarch migration, animal adaptations, and native plants. Our long-term goal is to have interactive lessons for teachers and parents to download and teach about wildlife while meeting state standards with STEM and STEAM activities.

Every lesson includes a fun art activity, which is our secret sauce. No matter the level of a child’s abilities, they can all be creative and have fun. All the while, learning about wildlife.

Our Founders

never too late

Loti & Dale learned it is never too late at a ripe old age. Meeting in their 60s, they fell in love at first sight.  So then, what did they do? Well, they got engaged in 8 days and looked at each other and asked, now what?

Sharing a deep passion for wildlife, especially the underdogs and their habitat, they founded our nonprofit in 2022. Originally called Weiler Woods for Wildlife, we renamed it Champions for Wildlife to better fit our mission of inspiring kids to fall in love with wildlife using art & education.

Dale started sculpting in his late 40’s and never looked back. He’s an artist, a navy pilot, an international consultant and an aerospace engineer all rolled into one. Dale still sculpts and donates all sculpture proceeds to our nonprofit.

Loti, a retired Insurance Executive, brings her love of native plants and habitat restoration, along with her business skills to the nonprofit as our Executive Director.

Both Loti & Dale serve on the Board and volunteer their time to make our nonprofit a leader in wildlife education with our unique twist of art.


We Are Candid Certified!

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Champions for Wildlife is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.
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