Merlin Tuttle Bat Conservation

There are no mammals on earth more misunderstood than bats. Since bats are our primary source of nighttime insect control worldwide and a pollinator of key foods including some of our favorites (bananas and mangoes for example), we set out to find the best bat organization to support. After spending a weekend in Austin, TX with Merlin Tuttle and his wife, Paula (who is a native plant expert), we knew we had found our tribe!

Merlin has been supporting bats for over 50 years and continues his work to educate the world on the importance of bats and the vital contributions they make to our planet through his organization Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation. His website has amazing bat photos (which you can download as a member for free or at discounted prices), educational information and practical knowledge including how to buy the right bat house.

Bats need all the champions they can get as the global bat population is experiencing enormous decline. They face loss of habitat, death by collision with wind turbines, climate change and a deadly introduced fungus called white-nose syndrome. Become a bat champion as we did.


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