Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

Who you going to call? Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, that’s who! What happens when you find an injured squirrel, an abandoned baby opossum or a large bird hit by a car? Or maybe a snake run over by a car?

The first number we call is Appalachian Wildlife. They rescue & rehabilitate many of our hurt critters in Western North Carolina. You probably have a similar organization in your area.

And effective in 2020, they can treat foxes, skunks, raccoons and bats! These are considered rabies vector animals meaning they are more likely to carry rabies. No need for alarm as it is very rare to get rabies from wildlife, but call the pros to handle the animal if possible.

Appalachian wildlife

If a baby opossum falls off the mama, she often doesn’t know and leaves it. If you find a baby, call a wildlife rehabilitator.

What Does Appalachian Wildlife Do?

Appalachian wildlife

A baby skunk being fed by a wildlife rehabilitator. Photo: Carol Vinzant/Flicker

So what do they do? First, they will help make arrangements to transport an animal to their facility. Then they will rehabilitate the animal and either release it back into the wild or find a home for it if the animal is unreleasable. 

This truly is a group of dedicated professionals who had a vision and implemented it flawlessly to serve our local wildlife population. And if you want an easy way to help, check out their wish list on Amazon. A small purchase of needed supplies helps so much. 

Wands For Wildlife

One of the center’s most successful projects is Wands for Wildlife in which they collect old mascara wands. The small brushes are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur and feathers of wild animals.
The program has been so successful, Wands for Wildlife donates extra wands they collect to other rehab centers throughout the country. And they have spun off to become a separate nonprofit.

Read more about their efforts in Your Used Makeup Could help Animals in Need. It is amazing what creativity can do to help our wildlife. 

Appalachian Wildlife

A mascara wand is being used to clean the fur of a baby opossum.

Weiler Woods for Wildlife is a proud corporate sponsor of Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. We love what they’re doing to help our wild critters in need.

How Can You Help?

  • Like their Facebook page where they share heartwarming stories about the animals in their care and then share with others.
  • Donate directly to Appalachian Wildlife Refuge.
  • Donate used mascara wands to their program Wands for Wildlife, although this program has been paused due to the pandemic. Check their Facebook page for updates.
  • Sign up for Amazon Smile and choose Appalachian Wildlife Refuge as your charity. A portion of all money you spend on Amazon purchases will be donated to them.


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