Cliff Hanger


Talk about being disrespected and under-appreciated! Bats are at the top of the list. Loti and I love them partly because they clean our skies of pesky insects, like mosquitoes. A bat can consume up to 1000 flying insects in one hour. Conjure that. Plus, it’s the only flying mammal and they’re great pollinators.

I could see this bat in the stone, clinging to the side of the rock. I just had to unearth it. If you’ve ever been in a cave and experienced a colony of bats, you can appreciate how impressive their ability is to cling to a seemingly smooth surface.

bat sculpture

Sculpture Description:

Species: Little brown bat
Material: Virginia steatite on a steel base
Dimensions: 8”w by 8”d by 17”h
Price: $4,000.00


All proceeds donated to bat conservation groups including The Bat Sanctuary and Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation