Chipmunk Art: Sweet Cheeks

I created this chipmunk art to see how many acorns a chipmunk can cram in it’s mouth

Chipmunk art was not really on my mind when I watched a cute chipmunk jam its mouth full of acorns. Then I started thinking, why not sculpt one in stone? And carve it in Carrara marble to bring some elegance to such a gluttonous sight. I bet not too many sculptors are creating chipmunk art!

And chipmunks are so important to our environment as they help seed dispersal, especially oak trees when they harvest and hoard their acorns. To find out why we think oak trees are the most important tree on the planet, read our blog Two Best Trees for Wildlife. And you might be surprised by our pick for the number two most important tree!

chipmunk art

Sculpture Description:

Species: Chipmunk
Material: Carrara marble
Dimensions: 23”w by 6”d by 14”h
Price: $7,000

All proceeds are donated to education programs at Weiler Woods for Wildlife, our 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.