Preening Queen


I had never carved an eagle sculpture until now. I had been staring at this magnificent piece of Italian marble for over ten years. It wasn’t until I visited Tanzania and first glimpsed a tawny eagle that I finally realized what the stone had been waiting for me to unearth. While the stone’s dimensions were perfect for a life sized eagle sculpture, it was the coloration in the stone that made the eagle’s presence so instantly clear to me. It was a spot on match for a tawny eagle.

I just love it when a new discovery in nature affords me to look into a stone and finally understand what gift it’s offering to me. It’s always well worth the wait. We want to place this piece where both the majesty of this bird and the stone from which it’s sculpted can be fully appreciated. If you have any ideas let us know [email protected]

eagle sculpture

Sculpture Description:

Species: Tawny eagle
Material: Italian marble
Dimensions: 16”w by 12”d by 22”h
Market value: $40,000