Frog Sculpture, Jumpin’ Jack Helps Conservation


Frogs are currently considered to be one of the most threatened groups of animals on our planet. Over 120 species of frogs have become extinct since the 1980s.

And why should we care about saving these slimy little amphibians you might ask? Well, they are literally environmental barometers. They let us know when the environment is out of balance.

They also eat a lot of pesky insects (like mosquitoes). And in turn, are the food source for other critters like fish and mammals.

To learn more about these cool amphibians, read our blog “Frogs”.

frog sculpture

Sculpture Description:

Species: Tree frog
Material: Bronze, edition size: 20
Dimensions: 5”w by 5”d by 11”h
Price: $2,000.00

All proceeds are donated to education programs at Weiler Woods for Wildlife, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.