The Secret

Dale has a passion for all birds, but raptors are his favorites

From the artist, Dale Weiler: Their speed, aerial dexterity and intensity in their endeavors is breathtaking to experience. The Secret depicts a Harris hawk in a mantling position. The bird will strike this pose (with its wing outstretched) to protect its possession from curious eyes. Its secret might be fledglings or possibly a meal for itself or their offspring.

In looking at this particular piece of Colorado alabaster from which the sculpture is carved, it’s coloration and texturing made it evident a Harris hawk resided inside. I do love it when the stone tells me the path to take.

hawk statue

Sculpture Description:

Species: Harris hawk
Material: Colorado alabaster
Dimensions: 16”w by 8”d by 15”h
Price: $15,000 + any applicable sales tax

Sales from donated sculptures help to make the mission of Champions for Wildlife possible!