Owl Sculpture: The Matador

I immediately saw a burrowing owl in this oddly shaped piece of stone.

Owls will “mantle” their prey, or put their wing over it, to hide it from other animals. That is exactly what I saw looking at this steatite. It reminded me of a matador or bullfighter with its cape, hence the title Matador. 

These small owls can be found throughout open landscapes in North and South America. They live on the ground and nest in burrows, hence the name burrowing owl. For more info on owls, read our Owls fun fact sheet.

owl sculpture

Sculpture Description:

Species: Burrowing owl
Material: Virginia Steatite
Dimensions: 14”w by 10”d by 9”h
Price: $5,000

All proceeds are donated to education programs at Weiler Woods for Wildlife, our 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.