How do you capture a penguin in art? Well, when they are babies, they have a lot of layers of fat to help keep themselves warm. I created Baby Buddha after seeing an infant Adelie penguin. With its overabundance of baby fat, it appeared to be wearing a fleshy suit four sizes too big.

I’d been pondering what to do with a green piece of Norwegian steatite. But after seeing a pitifully cute infant for the first time I knew exactly what kind of penguin art the rock was holding for me.

The Adelie is the most common penguin and they only live in Antarctica. The good news is there are lots of them and they are not considered endangered.


penguin art

Sculpture Description:

Species: Adelie penguin
Material: Norwegian steatite
Dimensions: 8”w by 8”d by 13”h
Price: $5,500 (Sold)

All proceeds were used in our wildlife education and art programs at Champions for Wildlife, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.

penguin art