Leap of Faith


Loti and I had the once-in-a-lifetime experience in 2018 of walking alongside polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba. Seeing these majestic animals up close and personal gave us a whole new appreciation and respect for them. Read about our adveture in our blog “Walking with Polar Bears”. Climate change is clearly having a detrimental impact on their habitat and survivability prospects.

Leap of Faith is a tribute to and a call for action for the protection of the polar bear. The stone I chose to create the piece, snowy alabaster from Colorado, was a perfect match to their dusty white fur. The bear’s pose is symbolic of the leap we must make to save it from extinction.

You can help us find a good home for Leap of Faith by suggesting a location which could bring maximum public exposure to the challenges facing polar bears. Just email Loti at [email protected].

polar bear sculpture

Sculpture Description:

Species: Polar bear
Material: Colorado alabaster
Dimensions: 24”w by 13”d by 18”h
Market value: $25,000.00