America’s Red Wolf

America’s Red Wolf

America’s Red Wolves

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Red wolves are the most endangered wild animals in the United States?  Yep. And the most endangered wolf in the entire world!

Yet many folks have never heard of them. We didn’t know they existed until meeting some newborn wolf pups at the NC Zoo. It was love at first sight. Now we want everyone to learn about them and help save them from extinction.

And just where do they live wild? In Eastern North Carolina which is also home to the densest population of black bears found on our planet. How very cool!

wolves and bears

A wild red wolf. Photo: Nancy Arehart

Want free photos? Check out our Red Wolf Gallery

Our red wolf photo/video library can be found at We offer free downloadable images to use to promote and build awareness of these amazing animals. Since red wolves live in the wild and in human care, you will find photos and videos of them in each.

Learn more about red wolves

Red wolf pups May 15, 2019, at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Watch a film to see red wolves in action

A brillant children’s film about a day in the life of red wolves produced by our founders, Dale Weiler & Loti Woods along with an amazing team of volunteers including Cassia Rivera, Nancy Arehart, Jennifer Hadley, Victoria Ziglar & Ron Anderson. Available free on YouTube!

Check out other films on red wolves.

Right of Passage.

When 5 super talented women get together to create a film, you know it will be good. The film explores the need for wildlife corridors to protect America’s red wolf in eastern North Carolina.

Resilence: The Story of the American Wolf 

This film aims to dispel the harmful myths that have caused the American red wolf population to decline rapidly and educate how essential the wolves are to keeping our ecosystem healthy and well-balanced.

Red Wolves’ Last Stronghold.

A film created by Wildlands Network describes the positive impact red wolves have on deer and quail populations. And if you watch until the end, you will hear wild wolves howling!


red wolves

Red wolves and black bears coexist in the wild. Photo: Nancy Arehart

How can you help?

Make a difference for red wolves and all underdog species!


Donate to a red wolf conservation organization (including us!).

Volunteer your time. Many nonprofits, like ours, need help from IT, writing copy, accounting, monitoring news articles, etc. Email us at [email protected] for some ideas.

Share stories about red wolves on social media. Tell all your friends about this wondrous, critically endangered animal.

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