We Donate 100% Of All Dale’s Wildlife Art

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The power of wildlife art. There’s just no denying art touches your heart & soul. And when it is about wildlife, you can fall in love with an animal just by seeing it or touching it through art.

Wildlife Art Energizes Girls To Become Conservationists

We witnessed this first hand when 3 girl scouts visited Dale in his studio to see what a wildlife artist does. They were immediately captivated by the red wolf mom and pup he was carving in alabaster. We were bombarded by questions: “What is this beautiful animal and where does it live?” When they learned the American red wolf is critically endangered and only lives in the wild in our home state of North Carolina, they were smitten.

Fast forward a year and their girl scout cookie money is being donated to red wolf conservation. To read more of their story, check out our blog “Girl Scouts and Red Wolves”. A simple sculpture started these girls on a conservation mission to save our red wolves. Now that is powerful!


What Happens When you Buy A Sculpture?


wildlife art

Cliff Dweller by Dale Weiler was sold to benefit bat conservation

When you buy one of Dale’s sculptures, 100% of the sales proceeds are donated to wildlife conservation. All the money from his bat sculpture, Cliff Hanger, was donated to bat groups including Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation.

What Happens When A Sculpture Is Donated To An Organization?

wildlife art

Dale in front of his hellbender sculpture at the NC Zoo.

Dale’s donated sculptures are making a difference. His hellbender sculpture, Hellbenders Rock, delights folks at the NC Zoo.

Both adults and children can touch the sculpture.  By seeing and touching, they learn about these wondrous giant salamanders that are difficult, if not impossible, to see in person.


Help Us Help Wildlife

By purchasing a sculpture, you will be joining us to make a difference in wildlife conservation.  And as a bonus, you will be noted as a co-sponsor for the cause we are supporting. A win/win!

And if you are not in the market to buy wildlife art, help us find conservation organizations that could use our sculptures. Art really does have the power to inspire us to protect Mother Nature’s amazing wildlife.

Our Sculpture Gallery

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