Just Settling In Casting


Saving the red wolf is one of our passions. We knew wolf artwork could help connect you with these magnificent creatures, but how? 

Dale had just finished carving a stone sculpture of a red wolf mom and her pup called “Just Settling In”. On the advice of several wolf experts, we decided to create a limited edition of hand painted castings to spread the word further about saving the red wolf. Ten castings have already been donated to red wolf conservation centers around the country. A second (and final) run of castings is planned for 2020.

We are now looking for additional organizations working with red wolves as candidates for these new castings. The selection process will be determined by how effectively the facility can use the sculpture for educational and fund raising purposes. The casting will be donated to the final recipients. Email us at [email protected] if you know of a deserving organization for this wolf artwork.

wolf art

Sculpture Description:

Species: Red wolf
Material: Hand painted cement casting
Dimensions: 27”w by 5”d by 22”h
Market value: $5,000 (donated by us).

Recipient to pay shipping/crating and applicable sales tax (tax applies only in North Carolina)